Gama Electronics has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the many facets design related issues in producing a successful Electronic product. From the PCB design, to component specification & on through to the finished article.

Through Hole Assembly

All factory assembly work, be it low volume or high volume, is hand soldered by our highly skilled assembly team.

Surface Mount Assembly

Surface mount is offered through by Gama Electronics through our working partnerships with two other UK based facilities. We can offer Low Volume / Prototype through to higher volume production. This facility is usually used in conjunction with our THP manufacturing to facilitate mixed technology products.

Unit Assembly & Potting


After assembly of the boards, we can then individually mount them within a custom case. These can then be sealed and potted for protection.


We are happy to quote on all procurement requirements or to accept customer Free Issue materials. Over time we have built up very good supply relationships and are confident we can offer a competitive priced solution.

Final Delivery

All our products will have a final manual inspection, are tested to our customer requirements & are Burnt-In if required. Delivery is usually next day following completion.