Anti-Counterfeit Statement

Gama Electronics (Gama) holds the confidence that customers have in our business and the products that we sell as an extremely high priority.  As a fully autonomous manufacturer Gama Electronics only supplies product that it produces, manufactured directly from original manufacturers materials. Our partners in supplying Gama form a network of world-class original manufacturers and trusted authorised and accredited distributers. This ensures Gama’s customers never have to worry about the possibility of counterfeits, as the line of component supply cannot be comprised by external unauthorised interference. Meticulous record keeping, secure inventory tracking and quality inspections maintain that components procured by Gama are of the highest quality. Gama Electronics only uses approved suppliers for purchases of components. These components are verified on receipt and held in a secure store at Gama.

Gama’s quality system is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001. This maintains the pedigree of our products. Manufacturers Batch Traceability & Goods Received Traceability can be facilitated if required. All procured goods are marked with a unique GRN code that enables the original component to be traced back to their original point of supply.

If any counterfeit product is suspected to have entered our supply chain, we have controls, processes and mechanisms in place to identify the affected product; these are then withdrawn from our manufacturing chain and securely quarantined.

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Download as a PDF: Gama Electronics – Anti-Counterfeit Statement